This is a test post.  YAY!

Comment below, if you DARE!

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6 Responses to Testing!

  1. judi says:

    This is a test comment!

    • sybil sage says:

      I’m ready for a contest. How about who makes the most comments? Or who is the most envious? Or who makes the most recipes that you provide? Please, Contessa S., bless us from Lucca with a chance to win a trip maybe. Do you miss knowing exactly what Romney had to say today about Obama? Or what John Edwards’ former friend’s wife said on the stand? Or what Jerry Seinfeld is up to?

  2. Liz Conescu says:

    Dear Contessa e Contesso –
    Ah, how magnifique. You sound like yer poppin’, yer so excited. Photo shows unexpected depth and mystery – not a-tall what one would have imagined.
    Have you read A Thousand Days in Venice? Now would be the time.
    Kindly to explain what you are doing? Experimenting with retirement? Revisiting an old memory? Where IS Lucca? Does either of you sprech Italiano? I am singing a beautiful piece that requires a lot of Italian inflection – you must now coach me. Skype will do! Are you gonna set up an ex-pat compound, temporary quarters for each of your friends? Please do ‘splain where it is, whut you’re doin’. Can Howard cook in that kitchen?

    Soak up your magic. Thanks for blogging.
    Love –

    Just FY FYI, the link does not connect – had to type it into address line.

  3. Beth Rothman says:

    Your joy and excitement is contagious! Can’t wait to hear more! Loved the portrayal of characters that greeted you on Day 1! MIss you and love you. Stop making me jealous! All right, you don’t have to stop. Just continue the adventure and continue your amazing sharing. Love you!

  4. Beth Rothman says:

    Did I write “is”? Now that’s good English for you, isn’t it!

  5. Paulette blumenthal says:

    Could this be the next A a Year in Provance in Lucca. Love reading about all the charming people you are meeting . I will continue reading until you come back. Keep up the good work. XO paulette

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