the magic continues

so, just as yesterday our little square, piazza san giovanni, turned, overnight, into a five hour flea market, complete with pulled pork and cotton candy booths, as well as booths to buy calvin klein undies and enough  silver jewelry to  make an entire gypsy caravan wild with lust, tonight, as we rounded the corner on the way home from dinner at nine o’clock, we discovered, in our little square, an eighty piece orchastra, the lucca philharmonic, preparing to give a free, outdoor concert.  for the next two hours they played classical music’s greatest hits.  for the first hour we sat on the the front steps of our apartment building.  after that we moved about twenty steps down the square to our local wine bar where we sat on the terrace ordering coffee and dessert.  after about forty-five minutes we left the wine bar and stood with the crowd, ending the evening dancing to the blue danube waltz under the light of a luccan moon.  it is not often in life that reality exceeds expectations.  this is only the end of day four, but if the rest of our time is down hill from here, i will have been satisfied.

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4 Responses to the magic continues

  1. Dalyce says:

    this made me cry – so happy to hear that you are having a beautiful time.

  2. Joycie says:

    Okay…now I am really envious! Sounds beautiful. The only thing that could have possible made this evening better, would be the spontaneous appearance of Andre Bocelli to serenade you!

  3. BROOKS says:

    OMG.. How can all this wonderfulness be in one place..very very cool Contessa Sawdowsky.

  4. Nancy says:

    You deserve all of it…enough material for at least three books…
    Starting with “A blogger’s life in Lucca”. Xxxn

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