who would expect this in an italian piazza?

who would expect this in an italian piazza?

i swear to god – we live in this magical little square. every time we walk out the front door there is something amazing to see from flea markets to eighty piece philharmonic orchestras, but i must admit, we were not prepared for this. this bagpiper marched around the square blowing his pipes and then disappeared. i don’t even have to exaggerate and say that he disappeared into the mist because just seeing him at all was amazing enough.

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4 Responses to who would expect this in an italian piazza?

  1. Beth Rothman says:

    Hi Judi, I am loving your blog!!! It’s such a joy to live Contessa Sadowsky’s Lucca experience vicariously. I’m also loving the photos! It’s great to put the names with the faces. The photo of you with the bagpiper is hilarious. Miss you and love the two of you. Beth

    • judi says:

      So glad you are enjoying the blog. I didn’t think I would have so much fun writing it and it is really fun coordinating howard’s photos with the writing, now that we have finally figured out how to download the photos.

  2. Dalyce says:

    Brilliant photo! Love it!

  3. Nancy says:

    Your face says it all! I miss that grin xx

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