there is another new man in my life!

our toilet is broken!  yes, i know it is hard to believe that in less than a week yet another thing in our apartment has failed, but there you have it folks.  if this were back home and i had to sit and wait for the electrician, t.v. repairman, and plumber, day after day, i would be pulling my hair out but somehow, in lucca, we are finding this all terribly funny.  today, it is ecco and the problem is howard’s toilet.  it is brand new and it just stopped flushing.  no warning.  nothing.  it just went on strike.  fortunately, we have two bathrooms so there was no emergency but it did, as has become the routine, require a phone call to sad eyed rafaelli and not all there bennadetto.  the toilet was fixed by the very effecient ecco, in less then ten minutes, which still leaves the problem of the less than adequate electricity, which we have been assured that any day now, umberto will return to fix.

we are now waiting for sikfred, of the botticelli curls, to pick us up to go to the police station to register,  we are told this could take all day.  i am prepared, as even the mundane chores seem to take on a special sort of glamour in a foreign language.

well, here it is, twenty minutes later and we are back from our “all day” excursion to register.  that is what i love about italy – you just never know. 

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