i found a manicurist and now all’s right with the world!

yesterday, after our twenty minute excursion to register, we were back at our apartment for a meeting with the regular crew and the gardeners to decide about what to do about the garden.  you would think we were going to be living here the rest of our lives the way everyone is so concerned about how we feel about each blade of grass and flower.  with all my making fun of the cast of characters we have encountered, i must admit, i have never met a more caring or generous people.  they already have our money.  the truth is they could just cash the check and forget about us but, quite the contrary, they are so concerned for our well-being and happiness it is impossible not to fall in love with each and every one of them.

we opted for a quick dinner in a little, out of the way trattoria in order to be on time for a concert we had been invited to on the other side of town.  the other side of town in lucca is a fifteen minute walk, tops, but still you must factor that in.  as soon as we were seated we struck up a conversation with two adorable young women from belgium, sarah and ellen.  they were just traveling around and were thinking about going to the concert as well and so the four of joined up and went together.  while i enjoy classical music, i can not say i am a huge fan of opera, until now.  how can you not be blown away, while sitting in a baroque church, listening to the greatest arias in the world, sung by world class talent, without benefit of one microphone, just astounding voices and astonishing acoustics.  by the end of the concert our new best friends, ellen and sarah, had already met two very handsome italian men, so we bid them farewell and hoped we would meet again.  they were both thirty-one and ready to get married, settle down and have babies.  i wish them well in their search.  they are both too special to have to wait too long.


this morning i woke up determined to find a manicurist and i struck pay dirt.  bennadetto had told me about her manicurist, but her shop was in a square, within a square, within a square that sounded so complicated i was sure i would never find it.  fortunately, i am married to a man with a built in gps, and faster than you could say christopher columbus, he had me at allesandro’s front door.  in a half hour i was well groomed and happy again.  next week a pedicure.

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