another miracle in lucca!

since we arrived here, three weeks ago (i can not believe the time has flown by so fast) a really strange thing has been happening.  my hair has been breaking off and falling out.  at first i attributed it to the water, the shampoo, the hairdryer, the change in diet and the copious amounts of wine but then i figured out it was the medication i was on for my back.  after several frantic phone calls to my doctor and hairdresser, it was determined that i should wean myself off of the meds over the next two weeks, and i should cut all my hair off.

for those of you who know me ( as i assume all who are reading this do) you know how neurotic i am about my hair. watching it break and fall out has been devastating.  i came as close to a melt down as one could come living in the tuscan version of brigadoon.  howard, attempting to avoid a suicide, suggested a field trip to rome to find a great hairdresser.  having no idea how we would go about finding a great hairdresser in rome, once we got there, traveling to rome seemed daunting.  i decided, instead, to find the best hairdresser in lucca.  

it was simple.  i walked in and out of every salon checking out the purses and jewelry of each and every lady getting her hair done.  when i hit the right ratio of gucci bags to ten carat diamond rings, i knew i had found the hairdresser of my dreams – michel.  i explained my problem.  he told me to come back in two hours.  within ten minutes after getting my hair shampooed, i was in michel’s capable hands.  i did gasp at first, when he whacked off four inches all around, and then took a razor to the back of my neck, and then i just decided to go with the flow.

i can’t remember the last time i had short hair but i absolutely love it.  i don’t think i would have been able to make the drastic cut had it not be for an incredible experience we had the night before at dinner.  just as we were finishing up our meal, the two women and one gentleman at the next table struck up a conversation with us.  within fifteen minutes we were all at the same table.  twenty minutes later the owner of the restaurant had sent over a round of grappa.  our new friends were from switzerland and keep a home in lucca.  they were about our age and we spent the evening talking about children and life and then, of course, i got around to my hair.  i swear, it was just like sitting in the daily grill with a group of girlfriends.  these women were so fabulous and convinced me that cutting off all my hair would be an adventure.  we ended up exchanging phone numbers and we made plans to see them again when they return to lucca in july.  new friends and a new hairdo.  it just keeps getting better and better!

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4 Responses to another miracle in lucca!

  1. Dalyce says:

    i remember the last time our hair was short. it was adorable. pictures please!

  2. sybil sage says:

    All those sleeping people are making me worry what a dinner party will be like in Lucca.

  3. Annikah says:

    Contessa! Loving reading your blog! Am so happy your having a great time including GREAT HAIRCUT! You look wondeful in this style! I had never seen you in shoulder length cut! It’s really nice!:)
    Have a continous blessed time:):)

    • judi says:

      Thanks. I wish it were shoulder length. It is much shorter than it looks in picture and I had to have it cut again because the first guy did such a bad and uneven job. If I were home I would be suicidal, but somehow, being here, I am so relaxed, I figure everything will work out for the best. I have adopted a little bit of annikah think. How are you? I miss you.

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