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  1. Joycie says:

    Okay, Judy. Now I need to know the details about this “farmhouse”. I grew up going to the catskills where there are plenty of farms and I never saw a pool on a one of them. There were swimming holes with frogs and probably snakes. Seriously, if I go to Italy, I want to stay right there where you are standing. Bring home the details for me so I can jump in that water someday! Joyce

    • judi says:

      It was heaven! If you want, I think you can google it under agritourismo terrepille. If you can’t find it that way, look for agritourismos in pienza. And it was relatively inexpensive. And this is just one of hundreds of farms that have been converted. Some are fancier and some more rustic. It is a way for the farmers to keep their properties and still can afford to farm.

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