five town girl continued…

so, last i left you we had just arrived in cinque terre.  i had written an entire, two page account of our experience when the doorbell rang.  it was our landlord showing us how to turn on the air conditioning.  we were very grateful to see him as it has turned hot,hot,hot in italy.

when i went back to post the blog, i hit publish and the whole damn thing disappeared.  poof, into thin air.  first i screamed, then i cursed, then i blamed howard because there was, obviously, no else to blame, and then i sulked and swore i would never write again.  just in the nick of time, my cousin ayn arrived to spend a few days with us and so i had a perfect excuse not to write.  well, we put her on the train this morning and my excuse took herself off to florence, where, i might add, it is 99 degrees.

so here i am, back at the key board.  i don’t have it in me to rewrite the whole thing, so i am going to give you the cliff notes version.  (thanks to my dear and brilliant friend judy k. for remembering the name of the cliff notes.  all i could come up with was the yellow paper book with the black printing on the front).

so, last i left you we had checked into the hotel.  here goes.  beautiful beaches, fabulous food (lots of sea food, a refreshing change from lucca’s predominately meat and pasta fare) and really nice people.  we took a boat ride to all five islands, got sea sick, took the train back to our town ( a ten minute ride).  howard found a vineyard and bed and breakfast up in the mountains.  we hiked up there, met some wonderful people from belgium, got drunk and had dinner with them.  the day we were supposed to leave there was a train strike, so we were stuck (poor us), for another day in paradise.  we got home late, tanned and tired after a fabulous three days in the sun and water.

howard’s amazing pictures to follow which will help to fill in the gaps.

had a wonderful few days with my cousin in lucca.  she is a world class shopper and it is inspirational to watch a professional at work.

the weather report is not looking good, heat wise, for the coming days, so we are thinking of renting a car and driving to the south of france for a bit of a respite.  next week promises to be cooler so we have our fingers crossed.  tomorrow evening is the first lucca summer concert.  tom petty is performing and instead of standing, in a crowd for two hours, we made a reservation at our favorite restaurant which is about 20 feet from the concert stage.  we get to eat really great food, drink amazing wine, and listen to the entire concert in comfort.  the only thing we can’t do is see tom petty and, quite frankly, i’ve seen tom petty and i am complete with that experience.

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