sweet caroline!

this morning we left our bed and breakfast after four wonderful days.  it was really hard saying goodbye to our hosts and the new friends we had made.  it is amazing how, in just a few days in a magical setting, you can grow so attached, but we did.  as i had mentioned before, our hosts, marie josie and phillipe were incredibly warm and welcoming.  we could not have asked for anything more and then we met caroline.  caroline is marie-josie’s daughter, and she was at the bed and breakfast for a few weeks visiting her mother and helping out.  in real life she is a film editor in paris.  she is smart, funny , warm and adorable.  it is very rare in life that you meet someone and in just a moment or two you know you have discovered a friend.  howard, caroline and i had that rare connection.  we exchanged information and, hopefully, we will see each other again.  

saying good-bye to a new, dear friend was hard, but after hugs and kisses we were on the road again.  first a quick stop in saint jean cap ferrat where we stayed many years ago.  we just wanted, once again, to lay eyes on that charming fishing village which is, of course, now a major resort, but still beautiful and charming.  we bought some sandwiches, cookies and water to hold us over while we drove back to lucca from france.  it was hard to believe, but an hour or so after crossing the italian border, we noticed that the temperature outside was slowly creeping up.  we had left france with the temperature in the low eighties and by the time we arrived in lucca, we were back in the nineties, but in spite of the heat it was good to be home.

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